Blue Bull Lamont H2S Ellimination Process Cloud Based SCADA System

Preferred Controls has completed development of the Blue Bull Lamont H2S ellimination system cloud based SCADA system. Blue Bull Lamont's patented H2S ellimination system incorporates a unique technology that takes high concentration H2S oil know as "sour crude", treats it, and provides an end product of oil with no traces of H2S in it. Beyond the local control system SCADA requirements, this product demanded a sophisticated cloud based front end with ability to manage the projected deployment of 1,000's of treatment skids. With extensive experience in process control SCADA systems and unique skills in database design, Preferred Controls was the perfect vendor for this project. Preferred Controls provided complete I&C and electrical design services for the local process equipment and deployed an Allen Bradley PLC architecture to effectively monitor and control the local process. The front end solution is comprised of a WAMP software stack model. Preferred Controls created a custom database for the front end that provides effective account managment, skid flow reporting tools, skid production statistics, and phone/text/email alarm notification. The front end is entirely configured and monitored through a web browser. Preferred Controls made wide use of PHP scripting embedded in standard HTML pages all served by an Apache web server. Data exchange between the front end and the treatment skids is accomodated by using JSON. Preferred Controls replaced the traditional operator interface at the treatment skid with a custom application running on a panel mounted, Windows based, touch screen computer. The custom application allows for continued archiving of system data and elliminates the reliance for an established connection to the front end database. Preferred Controls took advantage of powerful JSON and MySQL table linking methods to synchronize the front end database, thus allowing for "bumpless" data after a sustained lapse in communication between the front end and the treatment skid.

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