OPC Server Now Available For Legacy MCS Systems

Preferred Controls has developed an OPC server for use on legacy MCS based SCADA system. Released in 1998, the MCS product line has years of proven success in the municipal marketplace. The MCS product family offers a variety of remote telemetry unit based controllers with advanced features that include: high capacity 64MB flash memory, dual RS332/RS485 communication ports, fully integrated Ethernet communication port, integrated USB port, high performance microprocessor choices, and integrated VGA controller. MCS controllers are loaded with powerful software features that include: integrated web server, support for MCS protocol, support MCS-IAP protocol, AB DF1 protocol, Modbus RTU protocol, support for store and forward / repeater based communications, support for submaster based SCADA systems, and much more ... Legacy MCS systems use the Preferred Controls Guardian software on the front end. The Guardian software is a powerful Windows based HMI package whose powerful features include: integrated text-to-speech alarm notification with voice/email/text notification, integrated I/O server with support for MCS protocol/MCS-IAP ptrotocol/AB DF1 protocol, support for interleaving multiple protocols on same port, powerful graphic templates, alarm history and summary, trends, historical data tool, and integrated web server. At the time of its release in 2003 the Guardian software offered a competitive and feature rich solution to a market dominated by a few select HMI packages. Since its release, the HMI market has greatly expanded and become more competitive largely due to the introduction of multiple, new HMI products to the market. For this reason Preferred Controls suspended continued support of the Guardian software and for MCS Systems that wish to upgrade their front end HMI the OPC server is a perfect solution as it allows the MCS hardware to interface with just about any HMI software the client wishes to upgrade to. The OPC server has support for all of the powerful communication options supported by the Guardian including: MCS protocol, MCS-IAP protocol, AB DF1 protocol, interleaving of multiple protocols on same port, and round robin polling capability with precise adjustment of polling intervals.


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