Salt Water Institute aligns itself with Preferred Controls. (July 2013)
Preferred Controls offers expertise for advanced automation techniques of salt water disposal wells. For more inquiries check out

Iridium Satellite AMR System

Northwest Area Water Supply (NAWS) contracted with Preferred Controls to develop a first of its kind, Iridium, satellite based automated meter reading (AMR) system. The Iridium satellite constellation features 66 low earth orbiting satellites (LEO's) with low power machine to machine (M2M) transceivers that are an ideal solution for low bandwidth SCADA sites that have no utility power and demand battery operation of equipment. The satellite meter reading system was successfully deployed in December 2013 and it features a unique API (application program interface) that was designed by Preferred Controls to interface the SCADA site data that is maintained on the Iridium server to a mainstream human machine interface (HMI) package. For the NAWS project, the HMI application is Intouch by Wonderware, an Invensys company. By maintaining low monthly data usage (under 10 Kbyte), the iridium monthly service charges are very competitive. The Iridium based AMR system can be readily deployed on private water depots throughout the State of North Dakota as a solution for state required SOAP service based reporting requirements. The project has enjoyed great success and plans are in the works to deploy the Iridium technology for other marketplaces such as oil and gas.

Preferred Controls Welcomes Chad

Preferred Controls Minot, ND office welcomes Chad Parton to our team. Chad joins Preferred Controls with over 10 years' experience as a senior project manager with Hewlett-Packard company. Chad's education includes a B.S. in electronic technology and a M.B.A in technology management. Chad's technical education combined with his experience make's Chad a great fit for our Minot, ND systems integration team. Chad's skills will be put to work serving our clients in both the municipal and the oil marketplace. Welcome aboard Chad!

Fort Berthold Indian Reservation

Preferred Controls was awarded a consulting contract with the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation MHA Energy Division. Preferred Controls will develop first-of-a-kind SCADA specifications and standards for over 1,000 oil production wells within the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation. The SCADA specifications and standards will establish clear guidelines designed to insure that all oil production wells are operated in a manner that is safe for personnel while providing protection for the environment in the event of equipment failure. Preferred Controls will work closely with the 7 oil producers that currently operate on the reservation and will provide insight into things like SCADA hardware, remote monitoring, automatic notification, instrumentation, electrical methods, codes and standards. Preferred Control's extensive electrical engineering and SCADA integration background and experience made them a perfect fit for this project.

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