A Message from the President

2017 marks Preferred Controls 19th anniversary, and with this 19 years experience, Preferred Controls products and service offerings are stronger than ever. We continue to grow our prescence and offerings in three veritical markets: municipal water, municipal waste water, and oil. Through these 19 years we have seen many exciting changes in each of these market places, most notably, the oil industry. With the lower sell price of oil over the last few years we have found that producers and operators are increasingly turning towards automation to reduce personnel requirements, and consequently reducing operating costs. Preferred Controls has responded to this demand with the development of many new products and enhancements to some of our legacy products. I am especially excited about the success of our SWDATA database product and the incredible solution it offers salt water disposal facilities and water depot facilities. We have found that salt water disposal facilities in Texas have similar needs of those in the North Dakota Bakken and recently announced April as the release date for the Texas version of this product. We have increased the capability of the SWDATA water depot database by adding RFID technology as a powerful option to manual entry. We have expanded our Netconnex gateway product to include support for Weatherford rod pump controllers. We have developed an OPC server to allow existing MCS customers to upgrade their front end software without the need to replace field units. Our AMR product continues to run strong and we have made numerous enhancements by adding support for more flow meters. We continuee to develop and maintain cloud base systems that have front ends that are entirely web browser based. Although I have seen much growth and many changes to our company over the last 19 years, our corporate philosopy has never changed. We put the customer first, striving to provide superior solutions at a fair price. Our goal is to build long-standing relationships with all of our customers. It is through these relationships that we are able to provide superior service and support for all of our customers’ needs.

Harold Desautel, PE


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