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Oil Frack Water Pipeline Control System Design Build Services
Bakken Oil Field, ND














According to North Dakota's Department of Mineral Resources, the Bakken Oil Fields produced 673,000 barrels of oil in January 2013. The pipeline near Williston, ND routes water from Trenton Lake for hydraulic fracking. Before the pipeline, semi-trucks were exclusively used to haul water to the drilling rig and oil well sites. It takes roughly 2.9 million gallons of water for the average frack, so that means a lot of trucks. Preferred Controls designed and built the control system that controls the pump houses used to feed approximately 40 miles of water main. Additionally, many miles of lateral connections are also fed by this system. The pump houses are fully automated to provide both frack water to drilling rigs and provide a continuously pressurized water supply to the production wells.

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