Preferred Controls To Include Texas Support For Salt Water Disposal And Water Depot Database Products

Preferred Controls will soon release Texas versions of their popular SWDATA product. SWDATA is a fully web based management tool used at water depots and salt water disposal plants in the state of North Dakota. For years, SWDATA has met the growing demands of salt water disposals and water depots in the State of North Dakota by introducing unique features such as easy to use touch screen ticket entry, electronic state reporting (form 16), automatic leased asset lookup, ticket summary editor, customer account management, driver account managmenet, full invoicing tools, and, of course, its powerful integrated PLC interface that allows seamless integration with the most popular PLC's in the world, including Allen Bradley. The Texas version of SWDATA will replace the North Dakota form 16 with the Texas P18 and will feature leased asset lookup to the Texas Railroad Commission database. Other features of the Texas version will include H-10 reports, oil allocation letters, expanded invoice features that allow invoicing of both operators and trucking companies. Release of the Texas version of SWDATA is currently slated for April, 2017.

Download SWDATA Brochure

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