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Surface Water Treatment Plant Integration, Water Distribution System SCADA
Manitowoc Public Utilities, WI

Since our incorporation, Preferred Controls has been the primary integrator for the MPU Water Utility. The MPU Water Utility utilizes two microfiltration membrane plants to treat the water from Lake Michigan. Lake water enters the raw water pump houses through two intakes located one mile and two miles off the Lake Michigan shoreline. The two water plants have a combined capacity of 31 MGD and provide water for MPU’s large distribution system which includes the City of Manitowoc and six other communities that are part of the Central Brown County Water Authority (CBCWA). A large booster station uses 900 HP pumps to pressurize the 65 mile pipeline that feeds the CBCWA distribution system. The plant SCADA system for the MPU Water Utility features a multi-processor PLC architecture with 8 operator workstations located throughout the utility’s production facility. The SCADA system includes a tie-in to the MPU’s power plant where a unique strategy blends the heated discharge water from the power plant with the intake to the water plants thus increasing the efficiency of the membrane plants during the winter months.

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